Study at a major research university while enjoying the lifestyle of a mid-sized Midwestern college town.

MU is home to numerous faculty members who are conducting groundbreaking exercise research. This gathering of academic talent facilitates and encourages a state-of-the art, high-quality education and post-doctoral training.

Unique aspects of training in exercise physiology and exercise sciences at the University of Missouri.

  • Over 20 full-time exercise faculty
    • Offering broad perspective to subject matter in exercise and health
  • Diverse research interests
    • From pipettes to patients to public health
    • Translational exercise medicine
  • Exposure to multiple viewpoints
    • Molecular biology to community health
  • Senior investigators
    • International reputations
  • New junior faculty
    • Cutting edge approaches
  • Multiple PhD programs
    • Different departments
  • Many post-doctoral opportunities
    • Contact individual faculty members
  • Dedicated to learning and excellence
    • Strong curriculum
  • Diverse exercising subjects
    • Humans to pigs to mice
  • Friendly, collaborative and interactive atmosphere among labs facilitates learning experience
MUch More than a Department
It’s an Entire University

Collaborative research on physical activity and health is under way throughout MU.

Opportunities for PhD and
Master’s Degrees
Degree Programs and

Biomedical Sciences
Medical Pharmacology and Physiology
Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Physical Therapy